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Hello, this is Steve here, and today I don’t want to talk too much about IPTV services, but something related to preference.

When I graduated from my college and found a job in this city, I was alone that time and my only interest was to watch movies, which inspire me much, and fortunately, I keep having this interest even for now.

And this is what I am trying to talk about today, I would like to share some of the movies I enjoy most with you. Also, the movies is not listed in particular order.

1.The Shawshank Redemption

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good things ever dies.”

This movie stays as champion on the TOP250 movies on IMDB what it supposed to be. Every single of us lives a tough life, you may get in trouble, get hurt and whatever. when beaten down, only those full of hopes stand again and face the challenges of their lives.

I am taught too much by the film. Sometimes, your arguments to life help a little, or even worse, they are useless, but you can never quit because you are meant to struggle, you are supposed to argue, you are born to fight against them.

2.The dark knight

“why so serious”

This is a superhero movie directed by Christopher Nolan and also gets high praised by IMDB, it is more likely an exploration to the society in my opinion, the Joker believes people are born to be evil, and there is absolutely nothing to do with justice, so he turns into fair, and treats fair as “Justice”.

However, we can never simplely depart human nuature as kindness or evil, and so, Joker failed on the Double ship test. But his theory about what justice is and what absolutely fair is, worth pondering.

To be continued..

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