what did we prepare for Halloween? 2

The traditional festival is coming, so you may wonder if we prepared anything for it, or what did we prepare for Halloween. Okay, let me talk about it.

Having the plan of updating to the latest Android box? Subscriptions on IPTV are about to expire? No worries, we’re about to put combinations online, including a brand new Android box and IPTV subscription on it for free! How is it? More promotion on their way.

Also, we prepared other new products, air mouse, set-top boxes and more, I cannot wait to publish these ones now.

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  1. Hi I’ve been a customer for some time now my worry is some lack of USA channels I think you should try and introduce more US channels like 24/7 shows 24/7 Movies, 24/7 Kids, especially for IviewHD series and the rest of them, don’t get me wrong you have a fantastic service for most of the IPTV I have tried you are one of the best but there is room for improvement .

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, thanks for your kind suggestions. Yes, we don’t have so many USA channels on iviewHD, this happens because we focus more on the European channels. But no worries please, we have realized that it is important to enrich the channels along with the Vods, and are working on it. I believe it will get better in the nearly future. Again, I appreciate your time to leave advice.


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