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Always I am asked,

“Hi Steve, I have placed a lot of orders on your site, is there any discount for me?”

Or “Steve, I want to start a business with you to resell the subscriptions, how can I do that?”

So here comes this post.

Q: How can I become a reseller of

A: To be a reseller, you must make deposit no less than 400 USD, or group no less than 5 people to make orders on us, then you can start a business with

Q: What can I get if I become a reseller?

A: We prepared lots of things for our resellers as followings,

  1. Best price ever,
  2. No further bothering, every time you want an activation code, we will deduct your deposit,
  3. Unlimited trial codes are available for you to send to your customers,
  4. Engineer team accessible for you to handle every kind of IPTV problems.

More information is waiting to be found.

We also uploaded a video on Youtube of being a reseller of, check it here.

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