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Careful ones must have noticed that we’ve released a series of products on our site recently, and yes, that is what I called the new solution for home entertainment.
It is the indoor TV antenna, and if you aren’t using a digital television, you need a DVB box to decode the signal.
Varies TV antennas are suitable in different areas or countries. They get certain advantages compared to Android boxes.
To be first, they are much cheaper than android boxes are, and you don’t need to pay extra money to subscribe to other related services, one purchase and all free. Just make sure that you can get signal well in your house, and that is it.
Also, an Android box is always effected by the quality of your internet, it suffers if you get a poor internet speed, but with a TV antenna, you never get into these kinds of embarrassments.
Last but not least, those S2 boxes, are available worldwide, with no bothering, no sufferings but enjoyments.

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