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Some of our customers complain that they keep receiving the emails that really bother them much, which points out that iview HD will change into GTV or other packages, and require them to remove iview HD and install GTV on their Android TV boxes.

To begin with, we never have a plan to change iview HD along with the plus subscription into any other packages, iview HD is our main product, they who sent the mails, just want to sell their products, ignored customers’ needs, they are actually cheating.

And we are with the server provider of iview HD, so I had a conversation with them, asked if they released any brand new services that share the server with iview HD, the answer is no. Which means that iview HD is the only IPTV with our stable server, any other packages that with the same channels are fake illegal ones.

I am very sorry to hear that you guys been disturbed by this spams, so if possible, set the email address that send those as black list.

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