Hi there, do you get any suggestions for the IPTV channel lists? 1

Always I am asked, hey, how soon will you add the brand new TV series on your packages, or why I can not find that sports channels on my subscription, etc.
I am sorry, our packages are in good quality, but still, there are improvements to make.
And I am very glad to say that now, you get the chance to DIY your channel lists.
Yes, we are about to release a brand new package base on your needs, the new one will mainly get European, American and African channels, so, please let me know your request before it is been published.
And as the suggestions I have collected, sports channels are the most wanted ones, and local movies as follows. So what would you like to watch on the new application?
Leave comments to tell me, or email me at [email protected] The earlier you message me, the more likely your favorite channels will be added.


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