Does the annual subscription make pressure on you? Take it easy, we get solutions for you Leave a comment

Some customers point out that they get pressure to afford the annual subscription on the iviewHD/ XtrixTV/ ATV series.

We are sorry to bring pressure on you guys, but everyone bought the package feel it worth the price, they just think it is a little bit hard to pay for a year, so there are several solutions for you.

To be very first, besides annual subscriptions, we provide with 1/3/6 months ones to choose, you can choose a proper one that suitable for you here. Of course, we prepared the plus subscription as well, check it here. I know it is a little bit expensive you buy them this way, still, it is a good solution cause you will have less pressure to afford them.

And then, you could go to the shop page here, check if there are other packages suitable for you. For example, if you are an Englishman, then QHDTV or POPTV seems to be a good and cheaper choice. You don’t need to hesitate, feel worried about the packages will suit you or not, just let us know, we provide free trials for most packages online.

Last but not least, we are ready to put some other alternatives online now, and are going to release them at the very beginning of November, let’s see.

Thanks for your constant support on, we are grateful and can do nothing but improve the quality of our products, customer service in return.

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